Olsi Jazexhi dhe Gjergji Thanasi i shkruajne Ministrit te Brendshem te Frances mbi trafikun ilegal te muxhahedineve nga Shqiperia

Ne nje leter publike te botuar ne shume portale, gazetaret Olsi Jazexhiu dhe Gjergji Thanasi i kane shkruar nje leter te hapur nje sere personalitetesh boterore duke perfshire edhe Ministrin e Brendshem te Frances, Gérald Darmanin. Ne leter denoncohen shpifjet dhe sulmet e organizates ish-terroriste te Muxhahedineve Iraniane kunder mediave dhe gazetareve shqiptare dhe vihet ne pah operacioni i trafikut klandestin te ish-terroristeve iraniane qe MEK-u organizon nga Shqiperia per ne Evrope.

Ne leter flitet per Hadi Sani Khanin nje muxhahedin i cili eshte trafikuar ilegalisht nga MEK-u ne drejtim te Frances. Aty hidhen dyshime qe pas trafikimit ilegal te luftetareve te huaj iraniane mund te qendroje ish-komandanti i tmerrshem muxhahedin Mehdi Ambrishamchi i cili kryeson Komitetin e Sigurise dhe Antiterrorizmit te MEK-ut. Luftetaret ish-terroriste te MEK-ut qe trafikohen ne Evrope mund te perdoren per te kryer sulme te rreme te terroriste ne Evrope nga MEK-u per te sabotuar Marreveshjen Nukleare me Iranin qe qeveria amerikane e presidentit Joe Biden kerkoj te rindertoje.

Letra e plote me emrat e zyrtareve nderkombetare vijon me poshte ne anglisht:

A response to the letter that Mehdi Ambrishamchi directed to UN Secretary-General the Honorable António Guterres on behalf of Hadi Sani-Khani


The Honorable António Guterres,

United Nations Secretary-General

The United Nations

New York, NY 10017

Your Excellency, Mr. Guterres

On February 14, 2021 the ex-terrorist organization of the Iranian Mojahedeen (also known as the National Council of Resistance of Iran, The Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization, MEK, MKO, Rajavi Cult etc) published a letter on its website signed by Hadi Sani-Khani an Iranian mujahedeen who in the past days has been smuggled into France by the mojaheden command. The letter was distributed and published by a section of MEK in Albania known as the Security and Counterterrorism Committee (SCC), chaired by the infamous ex-terrorist commander Mehdi Ambrishamchi. The original letter dated on February 17, 2021 mentioned the name of Mr. Mehdi Ambrishamchi as the chairman of SCC. However on February 18, 2021 the name of Mehdi Ambrishamchi was removed from the mujahedeen website, probably after a pan-European investigation has been launched by a group of European journalists and security experts who want to discover how did MEK manage to smuggle from Albania into France an ex-terrorist and foreign fighter like Hadi Sani-Khani.

France has bad experience with smugglers from Albania. The Nice terror attack of July 14th, 2016 was made possible thanks to three Albanian citizens: Artan Henaj, Myslym Cenaj and Enkelejda Zace. They smuggled weapons and ammunition through the Albanian port of Durres to the Italian port of Bari and then through the Ventimiglie crossing border point into France. The Tunisian terrorist Mohamed Bouhlei used such weapons and ammunition in his terror attack in Nice.

Your Excellency,

We, Olsi Jazexhiu and Gjergji Thanasi investigate the illegal activities of MEK in Albania since many years. This organization which depicts itself as an exiled Iranian opposition group runs a paramilitary camp in the town of Manza in Durres, something illegal and criminal according to Albanian Penal Code. MEK makes illegal and terrorist calls for war and regime change against foreign countries which are members of the United Nations. They use our country as a base for their illegal and criminal activities which are condemned by your organization and the international law. The spread fake news and aim to terrorize the Western public opinion with fears in order to push Western governments into war with Iran. In the past years we have exposed MEK lies and fake news. Their claims for Iran’s alleged terror attacks in Albania have been exposed as fake news by us in a number of occasions:

According to data from Albanian Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) MEK hosts around 7000 ex-foreign fighters in our country. They are kept in isolation by their command in the camp of Manza. MEK’s soldiers live in isolation and are not allowed to have contact with the outside world including their families who want to meet them. They have no free access to the internet, television and people of the opposite sex. They are not allowed to fall in love, have sex, marry, have families or children. They are forced to live like radicalized soldiers, trained and waiting to wage a terrorist war against Iran. Their families have written many letters to the Albanian government, the United Nations etc and have demanded access to their relatives who are kept in isolation and radicalized with the jihadi ideology of war and regime change that their cult leaders indoctrinate them.

However, the mujahedeen command headed by Maryam Rajavi, Mehdi Ambrishamchi etc have so far been successful to stop their families and human rights organizations to have access to the camp and liberate many Iranian citizens who are kept in isolation from the outside world since more than two decades.

The Albanian government has also not helped to solve the crisis that exists within the MEK camp. The Mojahedeen who were brought to Albania via UNHCR as protected refugees are now being persecuted by their jihadi command which keeps them in isolation and refuses them basic human rights like the right to marry, have a job, free movement, freedom of belief, thought etc. The Mojahedeen camp of Manza resembles China’s Uyghurs Concentration camps of Xinjiang.

The Albanian government which has responsibility to defend the rights of mojaheden refugees has so far abandoned them at the hand of MEK command. There are hundreds of MEK soldiers who want to live in freedom and abandon the Mojaheden Cult but are denied the freedom to do so. If they manage to run away from the camp they face prison, death or starvation. The Albanian government does not give them work permits, travel documents and they face slow death by poverty. Inside the camp many MEK members are suffering infections from Covid-19 and many are dying since the Mojaheden command has not vaccinated and given proper social distancing measures to its jihadi soldiers. MEK members who have managed to liberate themselves from the cult live in poverty in the outskirts of Tirana, the capital of Albania.

This was the case of Mr. Hadi Sani Khani who was working 14 hours per day as a waiter in order to survive outside MEK camp.


However the MEK command which attacks and intimidates the defectors has condemned and blackmailed Hadi in the past accusing him as being an agent of Iran.

In Tirana the capital of Albania a large group of MEK defectors exist. These people have managed to escape the nightmare of the Mojaheden camp and decided to continue a civilian life. However they are viciously attacked by the Mojaheden command who accuses them as agents of Iran, terrorists etc. Through corruption, bribes and pressure MEK has managed to use Albanian state structures to intimidate and even jail many mojahedens who have abandoned jihad and do not want to take part in foreign wars for the sake of Maryam Rajavi and the Mojaheden command. People like Ehsan Bidi have been jailed and even forced by the Albanian police to smuggle himself into Greece. MEK is doing all it can to destroy its democratic and anti-cult opposition in Albania. It uses economic pressure, threats, jails, bribes and slander to scare and terrorize any of its members who wants to break free and abandon the jihadi cult of Maryam Rajavi.

Many Albanian media and journalists who know their desperate situation have tried to help the defectors in their quest for freedom. Journalists like us have exposed to the local and international media the vicious war that Maryam Rajavi and Mujahedin-e Khalq command is waging against the deradicalized defectors. We have brought to Albanian TV stations many MEK defectors who protest the insults, attacks and blackmails that MEK command does against them. They ask from Maryam Rajavi, Mehdi Ambrishamchi and other MEK commanders to live them alone. They do not want to engage in jihad against foreign countries since this is considered a terrorist crime according to Albanian and international law:

MEK has been very ruthless on attacking the media and journalists who expose MEK’s dirty war against its defectors. They have attacked journalists from Channel 4, BBC, Al-Jazeera, the Guardian and many Albanian media and journalists. Part of their latest attack with lies and slander is even the letter that Hadi Sani Khani signed on February 14, 2021. Hadi who was suffering from drug addiction, shortage of money and desperate situation – where he could not legally work in Albania agreed to betray his defecting friends and sign a letter full of lies dictated to him by the Mojahedeen command. He wrote this letter after MEK agreed to smuggle him into France. In this moment we have information that Hadi is hiding in Paris. MEK has organized a criminal trafficking operation and has sent him to France, probably via Greece using forged documents. We suspect that the smuggling operation was directed by the notorious ex-terrorist commander Mehdi Ambrishamchi who heads MEK’s “Security and Counterterrorism Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran”.

As journalists mentioned in the letter that MEK command directed to you we want to state that “we strongly reject all the lies and accusations that MEK command has issued against us. We challenge Maryam Rajavi, Mehdi Ambrishamchi and all the Mojaheden command to face us in the media and courts and prove their lies and not wage jihad of disinformation and terrorism against journalists.”

Your Excellency!

Through this letter we want to ensure you and all the listed individuals and organizations that we are not intimidated by the attacks, lies and terrorist blackmails of Mehdi Ambrishamchi and the Mojaheden command against us. We do not accept to sell our journalistic and humanitarian duty to defend the weak and expose ex-terrorist organizations like MEK who threaten people around the world.

We want appeal to you and your organization to do the best that you can to guarantee the safe movement and freedom of all Iranian mojahedeens in Albania, including those who renounce war and terrorism and do not want to break the international law and wage terrorist war against other countries. Your organization and other relevant agencies must ask the Albanian government:

  1. To dismantle and deradicalize the Mojaheden organization in Albania. Based on UN charter and international laws Albania should close the paramilitary camp of MEK and force the international and Albanian law to be implemented within and without the camp.
  2. Albania must give the right to work and travel to its Iranian refugees and must protect them from human rights abuse at the hand of the Mojaheden command.
  3. MEK commanders who abuse with their soldiers and have committed war crimes in Iran, Iraq, Albania and the world should face justice.
  4. MEK should release the prisoners of Iran – Iraq war which it keeps as slave soldiers in its camp since the time of Saddam Hussein.
  5. MEK should not be allowed to attack democracy in Albania and infringe the right of journalists like us to do our job.
  6. UNHCR and the Albanian government must support MEK defectors in Albania. They should have the right to free choice, abandoning of jihad and the Mojaheden camp, marrying, working, contacting their families and deradicalize themselves.
  7. UN and international organizations must demand from the Albanian state to start a process of mass deradicalization of MEK and stop MEK from threatening the security of Albania and the European Union. MEK should not be allowed to smuggle people / weapons and conflict into Europe or other countries of the world.
  8. The Mojaheden command and their leaders like Mehdi Ambrishamchi must be investigated for their involvement in the illegal smuggling of mojaheden ex-terrorist fighters into Europe. They must face justice for their smuggling operations in Europe.
  9. MEK should not be allowed to terrorize the European public opinion with fake news and lies against Iran, and it should not be allowed to challenge, scare and terrorize European policy makers about their relations with other countries.

For all the above we appeal to your Excellency, UNHCR, UNHCHR, Interior Ministry of Albania and the General Director of State Police of Albania to do all you can to stop human rights abuses and intimidation that MEK command does against its members and journalists in Albania and the world.

We appeal to Albanian and French authorities to start an urgent investigation into the case of Hadi Sani Khani. They must investigate how was Hadi illegally smuggled outside of Albania. What was the role of Mehdi Ambrishamchi in his illegal cross border escape from Albania? What money was paid to Hadi to sign a fake letter against his friends and journalists like us and what promises did the Mojaheden command made to him for this letter? Did the Mojaheden command smuggle weapons into France together with Hadi Sani Khani? Is the Mojaheden command planning a false flag operation in France through Hadi Sani Khani in order to sabotage The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (Iran Nuclear Deal)?

We also appeal to French authorities to take all the necessary measures to defend Hadi from further Mojaheden blackmail and misuse. Mr. Hadi Sani Khani is addicted to a controlled substance called Tramadol. Such an addiction makes him suitable to be used in false flag terror attacks. He can be used by the Mojaheden command to endanger the security of a NATO member country like France where we believe he is hiding at present. Based on the past record and present MEK condemnation of The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (Iran Nuclear Deal) we fear that the Mojaheden command might use him or other mojahedens for staging false flag terrorist operations in Europe.

For these reasons we appeal to you and other institutions listed in this letter to do all that you can to stop the Mojaheden mafia from provoking a terrorist scandal in Europe.


Olsi Jazexhi and Gjergji Thanasi


The Honorable Michelle Bachelet, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights;

The Honorable Gérald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior of France

The Honorable Filippo Grandi, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees;

The Honorable Bledar Çuçi, Minister of Interior of the Republic Albania

Ms. Julie Verhaar, Acting General Secretary General of the Amnesty International;

Ms. Alice Mogwe, International Federation of Human Rights;

Mr. Ardi Veliu, the General Director of State Police;

The Honorable Milan Zver, MEP and Co-Chair of the Friends of Free Iran Intergroup in the European Parliament;

The Honorable Ylva Johansson, European Commissioner for Home Affairs

Mr. Mehdi Ambrishamchi, Chairman, Security and Counterterrorism Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran


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